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Big Bad Beers and Holiday Hours

Big Bad Beer and Holiday Hours

There are some heavy hitters coming up to the plate along with some new beers to announce. And you want to know what our hours are going to be over the holidays, don’t you?  Haters, please be patient.

I want to ask those of you who find fault with this email newsletter, the bad jokes and the perceived voracity, to please find some patience. I plan on giving you plenty more reasons to hate as the years roll on.

On Friday, December 6, we are releasing two two double double IPAs IPAs. Both “Bad Boy” and “Keene Idea” will be offered to the thirsty. “Bad Boy” will be available on draft and Growler Fills. “Keene Idea” will only be on draft and No Growler Fills.

“Hoppy Birthday,” the most Celebrated Beer in the World, will make its most welcome return on Tuesday, December 10th. This beer is our dry-hopped Pale Ale or Session IPA and is merely 5.25% abv.

For the first time ever, we brewed a Milk Stout. “Elsie” was brewed with cocoa nibs and uses lactose to add some sweetness and body. It will run in the 5.5% abv range and will be ready in two weeks, just in time for our cold spell.

We brewed a new beer in order to showcase some new hops. And, because we are animal lovers, “Pub Cat” will be ready in three weeks. “Pub Cat” is a 5% abv, dry-hopped Extra Pale Ale. We used Azacca, Polaris and Experimental Hop 05256 in creating this brew. I’m very encouraged this will be an exceptional beer because the hops are so awesome.

As they say “Timing is everything.” We will use the opportunity of the timing of Christmas and New Years to give our awesome staff some family time off. We will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The pub is up to more specials during the week and has added some new menu items. There is “Taco Tuesday,” “Wing Wednesday,” “Prime Rib Thursdays,” and a unique special for Friday dinner and Saturday if it lasts. Poutine is available on Sunday mornings but is not on the menu.

I don’t always dislike children. But when I do, it’s usually because their parents aren’t doing their job.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from us at Alpine Beer Company. Be Safe.

Beat the Heat at Alpine Beer Company

Beat the Heat at Alpine Beer Company

Yes, Alpine has had its fair share of heat already this summer so let us whistle your wetness with some tasty beer. Our barbeque menu is definitely the best in Alpine, no boast – just fact. July 4th we will be closed. We have an old favorite ale being released for a soccer tournament coming to San Diego. In a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing another of our specialty lineup. The San Diego History Center and Alpine Beer teaming to rock the craft beer world. We want to bottle “Great” but don’t have a bottler, currently looking for a way to bottle our Barleywine.

Our hard working staff wants to enjoy a day off with everyone else, so July 4th we will be closed Both the Pub and Brewery will be closed for the 4th. So, get your growler fills on Tuesday and Wednesday or wait until Friday. We’d hate to see thirsty people on the 4th, please plan ahead.

On July 5th, we are announcing the release of “Red Card,” our hoppy 6.5% abv red ale made exclusively for major soccer tournaments. We even dry-hop this smooth ale, which happens to compliment a wide array of foods. Spicy meats to creamy pastas go with “Red Card” exquisitely. Available for growler fills and on draught in the Pub, it’s not bottled.

Be our friend on Facebook to get our weekly pub specials on Friday and Saturday nights, and our bottle list and growler fills are divulged there too. Steve gets our pub dinner special from the kitchen Friday afternoon and he does his best to post it before Friday evening. He’ll even answer comments on our Facebook page.

Another in our specialty beer lineup being released will be “Ugly” on July 16th. “Ugly” is our Black IPA, a new beer style that’s hoppy and dark. Ours is 7.5% abv. This gem highlights mild roasty malt notes along with some fancy American hoppy punch. I’m sure we can get our kitchen to pair a nice weekend special with our precious “Ugly.”

Ever heard of the San Diego History Center in Balboa Park? They are currently running an amazingly accurate and entertaining exhibit about the craft beer history in the San Diego region. On Friday, July 26th, we will be pouring our beer, providing some bbq snacks and giving a very short talk before the showing of “Suds County” the documentary about the history of craft beer in San Diego, go figure. We will be pouring Duet, Nelson, Ugly and Mandarin Nectar for the event. Details are sketchy but I’m sure tickets in advance should be cheaper, the theatre for the viewing is limited to 60-70 people, the display can hold a bunch more people, and look on our web site blog for future details on this event.

My heart is particularly heavy today and goes out to the families of the firefighter lost in Arizona. Even in these times of safety and training, firefighting is still a very dangerous occupation. Send a prayer, please.

Peace, love and happiness to all

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time
News abounds at Alpine Beer Company, and here to “bring it” to you is “Jimmy,” the talking dummy.
Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another in a long line of perfunctory and ample jocularity filled quips at the expense of everyone. If there ever was a time for a “sarcasm” font…
At the time we brewed it, it was unseasonably cold, so a nice, hearty stout sounded like a good idea. And now that we saw our first “triple digit” temperature of the year, we released “Odin’s Raven,” for growler fills and on draught in the Pub. This beer is a “2012 World Beer Cup” bronze award winner in the Chocolate Beer category so you know it’s good. Get it while the getting is good.
An “anagram” is a word or phrase made from rearranged letters from another word or phrase. An example of a skilled anagram incorporates a reference to the subject word or phrase, like “DORMITORY” when rearranged becomes “DIRTY ROOM.” Or, “DESPERATION” becomes “A ROPE ENDS IT.” I got a million of ‘em.
The good people from “City Beer Store” in San Francisco are celebrating their 7th anniversary this weekend. For the occasion, we made a Double IPA called “Magnificent Seven” which uses seven different malts, seven different hops with seven different additions and is 7.7% abv. Most of the beer was shipped to San Francisco but we managed to hang onto 3 kegs. We will be selling it at the Pub in samples, pints and pitchers only.
There will be a special beer released in the pub as soon as “Magnificent Seven” is gone. “Keene Idea” is making its way to our Pub when the anniversary beer is exhausted. This beer was first made for Toronado San Francisco’s 25th Anniversary and appears to have made a distinct impression. It may be our most requested beer we have made to date. Remember, no growler fills, only available in the Pub and only after “Magnificent Seven” is depleted.
I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more “kisses” begin with “Pure Hoppiness” than Kay. Just sayin… in this economy.
“ASTRONOMER” when rearranged becomes “MOON STARER.” “THE EYES” becomes “THEY SEE.”
New Sunday hours in the Pub started last week. Yes, we will open earlier to accommodate the tired mountain bikers and thirsty travelers enjoying their weekends as much as they can. We will open at 11AM Sundays and may readdress the time again once football season is upon us.
Another release we have to announce is the most celebrated beer in the world. “Hoppy Birthday” will be released on Thursday May 30th for growler fills and on draught in the pub. This wonderfully popular beer is really a Pale Ale at 5.25% abv, but we make it like an IPA. One of the three beers we will be ramping up production late this year.
More info on the increased production of Nelson, Duet and Hoppy Birthday, it appears on track for when the hop crops are harvested, plucked, pulverized and pelletized and ready to ship. Nelson uses hops from the southern hemisphere and should be available after mid-year sometime. The North American hop crop is ready to use very late in the year, look for Duet and “Hoppy Birthday” early next year, most likely. A recent development has made it possible for us to make the extra keg beer locally and the bottle and can beer made in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. Bottles will be our current 22 oz. amber beer bottles and cans will be the Alumi-Tek 16 oz. can with a large screw cap.
“ELEVEN PLUS TWO” can be rearranged to “TWELVE PLUS ONE” (and it’s still unlucky)
Now I’d like to say a few things about contract brewing. There has been much ado made about contract brewing and not in a positive way. Most consider contract brewing to be inferior, cheating or unethical. I would like to point out that our collaboration with New Belgium Brewing, where we made nearly our annual production at one time, turned out to be a fantastic beer that really resembled an Alpine IPA, for sure. That is very much what contracting for us would be like, hands on utilizing our unique techniques and ingredients. Yes, I will be in Minnesota directing the brewing and packaging of our precious beer. Much like we will be doing when we can jump through enough hoops to get our own production brewery built. Another major consideration with Minnesota is the fact they have an incredible abundance of phenomenal water. Their “glacial melt” water leaps from a spring at the brewery and has an almost identical composition as our brewery water, which is awesome. So, fear not that we are contracting to have more beer made for you, our thirsty friends, embrace it and I promise you will not be disappointed.
Some of the negative publicity surrounding contract brewing was warranted. Some breweries tried to hide the fact they were contracting out of the area yet advertising things like they were “the first local brewery” or something equally deceptive. Plus, they weren’t putting in their own techniques and quality control, something we won’t have a problem with. For us, it will be like borrowing your favorite Uncle’s awesome, modern brewery of size and racing it down the craft beer highway.
Ever look at a clock three times and still not know what time it is? Me either.
All my bad decisions would make an incredible, unbelievable movie.
You almost never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren’t going to do anything productive for the rest of the day. My time has come.
For our weekly specials in the Pub, some of the finest meals you’ll ever experience, please “Friend” us on Facebook.” We also give out timelier growler fill and draught lists for the brewery and Pub on Facebook.

Alpine Beer Release Info

New Corduroy Pillows Making Headlines
Not relevant but it made you laugh and that was the goal. Now, it’s time to get serious, really serious. No, I mean it this time. And, just like Moses makes his tea, Hebrew’s it, we brewed a really bad beer just for you. There is another delay in the release of a highly sought after beer, sorry.
So, let’s get right to it shall we? At about the time you receive this email we will be putting up for sale a beer first made for “Pizza Port’s Strong Ale Festival,” a beer named after the brewer, “Bad Boy.” This Double IPA weighs in at 9% abv and uses all Premium British “Maris Otter” malt. Tons of new wave hops are generously used throughout the brewing of this heavy hitter. Enjoy growlers in the brewery and glasses in the pub starting today, Friday Feb. 8th.
The release of “Exponential Hoppiness” will be delayed, again and will be out sometime during the week of February 19th through the 22nd. For those of you flying in please change your flights to a week later. For those of you that don’t already know, we do not sell growlers of Exponential Hoppiness, bottles only, with a limit of 4 bottles max per person per day. Glasses of this fine elixir will be available in the pub.
On February 8th and 9th Pizza Port in Carlsbad, CA is hosting the 4th annual Brewbies Beer Fest to benefit Keep A Breast. In 2013 the event will expand to a two day festival which hosts raffles, local beer sampling, we are sending “Pink Nelson” called “Nipple,” and even a custom KAB pink beer brewed by Pizza Port themselves!
Date: February 8th 5 – 10pm & February 9th 12 – 5pm
Location: Pizza Port is located at 571 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Tickets: $25 in advance/$30 day of, and can be purchased here!

We just put a vintage keg of “Exponential Hoppiness” on in the pub for your drinking pleasure. This keg is from Feb. 2012 but still has a ton of hoppy goodness. And, so it isn’t the only vintage beer on, we also have a keg of “Chez Monieux” on draught in the pub. Enjoy.
Some important facts to remember: Bottle sales in the pub are discontinued while the brewery is open. So, get your bottles and growlers in the brewery, noon to 6 pm Tues. – Sat., and limited bottle sales when the brewery is closed and the pub is open. No growler fills in the pub,
We have an improved web site. Since “Apple” and “Flash” can’t seem to get along, we had to make some improvements to our old site. The new site is mobile phone friendly as well as Apple friendly. Feel free to tell us what you think!
We just brewed some “Hoppy Birthday” which should be out in around a month. More on that as the date gets closer. Our Barleywine, “Good” is due to be released any day, probably early next week.
That’s it for now. See you over a great beer.
Do you know what’s red and bad for your teeth?
A brick.

Inside Every Cynical Person is a Disappointed Idealist

Inside Every Cynical Person is a Disappointed Idealist
Don’t be confused. This is another newsletter from your favorite brewery in Alpine. And in this newsletter you’ll be informed of things you never really gave any thought to unless you have insomnia issues. Or, you may find out something so earth shatteringly fulfilling you’ll cut off the soles of your shoes, sit in a tree and play a flute, who knows. I, for one, am grateful I’m not getting all the government I’m paying for.

Hey, check out our new and improved web site, We have made the transition to a more mobile friendly format and added a page so you can see what is on tap in the pub and up for growler fills in the brewery. All the other information is there; the pub menu and hours, the merchandise available, the beers, webcam and more…

On this glorious day, in the New Year 2013, we are releasing for your pleasure, a new beer never before concocted in our laboratory of fermentation. We were asked to brew an anniversary beer for O’Brien’s Pub called 19/10 IPA. It represents the 19 years O’Brien’s has been around and the 10 years Tom and Lindsay Nickel have owned it. It is a 7.4% abv all Columbus hopped “Alpine-style” IPA of marvelous flavor and aroma. Available only in the pub for pints and pitchers and not for growler fills. Look for it on tap at the finer beer establishments around town in the coming week.

It is with a heavy heart I am here to tell you of a delay in the release date of “Exponential Hoppiness.” The release must be pushed back because the cold weather slowed down the activity of the yeast. So, keeping with our mantra of “no beer will be released before it’s time,” we foresee a release sometime in the week of February 12th through the 15th. An exact date and time will not be announced due to the issues of parking, traffic congestion, angry next-door business owners and overcrowding. Please remember there will not be any growlers sold and there will be a 4 bottle limit per person per day, no exceptions. Sorry, it will not be around during Super Bowl Festivities.

Alpine Beer Company has a major theft to report. Due to the cramped conditions around the brewery, we moved a large 1,000 gallon brite beer tank to the property we intend to develop on Tavern Road and Taberna Vista way. Someone stole the tank! I am surprised in that it weighs over 1,500 pounds, crap. If you have any information please contact either the brewery at 619-445-2337 or contact the San Diego County Sheriffs at 858-565-5200.

Here’s to making it easy to be cynical, cheers.

Without Much Ado but a Whole Lot of Poo

Without Much Ado but a Whole Lot of Poo

Greetings from everyone’s favorite microbrewery in Alpine! We have some pretty special brew releases to announce and some general update information to share with you. The infamous FedEx has done it again; wait ‘til you hear what they did this time. We will be making some interesting “Anniversary Beers” for some interesting establishments coming up. All that and a sawbuck might get you a small double cinnamon dolce latte.

The release of “Crazy Hazel” was just last week. This delicious elixir is made with hazelnut meal, Belgian candy sugar and plenty of caramel malts. Amber in color and 6.2% abv makes for a tasty treat of a beer. Though not bottled, we offer growler fills and on draught in the pub.

And, the cooler temperatures means the heavy beers are more appropriate for this time of year. So, we have “Odin’s Raven” available for your immediate consumption. This beer won a bronze medal at the 2012 “World Beer Cup” in the Chocolate Beer category. We do not currently bottle this beer but do offer growler fills in the brewery and on draught in the pub. Yes, it’s dark, strong at 11% abv, and yummy. Odin’s Raven float anyone?

Today is the release of the world’s most celebrated beer “Hoppy Birthday.” Available for growler fills and on draught in the pub. This is technically a Pale Ale, but we make it like an IPA, with lots of hoppy goodness from hops like Citra and Nelson. 5.25% abv

One last release to tell you about. We made a beer for a San Francisco landmark call The Toronado Pub to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. We called it “Toronado 25th Anniversary IPA” but found another brewery, Russian River, made a beer and called it that as well. So, we now call what some were calling “Double Nelson” “Keene Idea.” Dave Keene is the owner of The Toronado Pub in San Francisco. We will be releasing this special 9% abv Double IPA sometime late next week. A very limited amount of kegs will be made available for growler fills in the brewery, no bottles, and on draught in the pub. Some will make its way to San Francisco as well.